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Awarded: Top 50 Healthcare Companies
Awarded: Top 50 Healthcare Companies
Terra Sutton and Helen Leonard, co-Founders, accept the award for top 50 healthcare companies 2019 in Las Vegas.
Nutritivity Knocking – Part 1
Nutritivity Knocking – part 1

Wake up and fuel your genius with high-powered-authentic-jaw-dropping-awesomeness. Your genius deserves to be supported by only the best, most bio-available nutrition accessible to mankind.  Pure unadulterated locally sourced life affirming zip and zing. Health Relativity brings you Nutritivity; a service…

Technology You Walk Around With – Part 1
Technology You Walk Around With – part 1

This is a nudge to your subconscious that already knows this as a truth. You, me and all humans were born with an incredible matrix of intelligence and creativity.  We are energetic and cellular sacks of brilliant technology. The average…

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