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feel better = work better
Neurotivity: the king pin of Intrinsic Wellness Programs

Once or twice per week will bring your teams relief, inspiration and renewed appreciation.  Neurotivity is a hands-on care modality that gently engages the central and peripheral nervous systems to reset stress and pain patterns in the body.

Less Stress + Less Pain  =  More Focus + More Function

Our conference room clinic provides your workforce effective care without leaving the office.  The type of care we offer is unmatched in any corporate or institutional setting.  Neurotivity uniquely addresses and activates the human body’s inherent wisdom and ability to heal, restore and perform with incredible efficiency.

You haven’t seen anything like this at the workplace.  Choosing Health Relativity signals to your workforce and your competitors that you are innovative, agile and dedicated to attracting and developing the best teams and workforce possible.

Health Relativity is based on advancing healthy innate function, thereby resulting in increased engagement and success in life.  We have selected and refined the most effective techniques to support whole body performance.

Neurotivity is the foundation for all Tivities to be built on.  Promoting neural, fascial and energetic communication and flow, this care option is essential.  It allows for greater assimilation of nutrients, integration of energetic releases and increased mobility and circulation throughout the body.


Show your employees you care.

Simple, non-invasive neuromuscular signals are transmitted to balance the system and regain healthy function.

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