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e n g a g e m e n t . . . t e a m  c o h e s i o n . . . p r o d u c t i v i t y

Intrinsic Wellness Programs

Intrinsic Wellness Programs

Improve employee engagement and employee loyalty with dynamic custom programs that integrate flawlessly into your current work environment.

Health Relativity is dedicated to offering exceptional, effective care to small entrepreneurial, corporate and institutional workforces.

Unique Health Options

Unique Health Options

Innovative techniques for maximum improvement. We research, select and develop custom care options to improve your workforce at the cellular level first.

Restoring function at the cellular level creates a natural foundation and flow of personal capacity into all environments.



Launch 2020

Launch 2020

San Francisco and Washington DC gently open their doors to Health Relativity in early 2020.  New York and Reno are forecast for 2021.

Companies with 20 – 400 employees per location are eligible to apply in 2020.

2 companies will be chosen for Beta-test #2.



Experience Neurotivity™: the answer to HR's toughest question.

Show your team you care and watch them improve every week.

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